Research Topic

Advisor: Prof. Pao-Ann Hsiung

  • Multimodal Federated Learning for Sustainable Smart Cities (using FedMultimodal framework)
  • Digital Twin Design with Scenario Planning for City Disaster Management (with AI-based Management)
  • Situational Awareness for Urban Environment and Traffic (using CityGML)
  • City-based Carbon Emission Estimation (need to develop an APP or website, along with web parser and Python programming)
  • Open Source Contribution: Automatic Deployment of AI models based on Kubernetes, Kubeflow and Kserve (on GitHub)
  • Image-based Multiple Person Tracking Across Multiple Cameras (Tracking of Distant Water Fishermen)
  • AI and Image/Video-based Quality Monitoring of Water Bodies (such as lakes, rivers, etc.)
  • Classification of Movement Disorders in Parkinson's Disease (based on UPDRS)

Internship Plan is as follows, subject to change based on individual qualifications:

  • 1st month: Collection of real and online datasets
  • 2nd month: Model design, training, and validation
  • 3rd month: Application and paper writing
  • 4th month: Deeper investigation of same topic or another topic
  • 5th month: More experiments with solid results
  • 6th month: Journal paper writing
  • (All 5- or 6-months internship will have a mid-term review around the 10th week. If mid-term review failed, the internship will be shortened.)

Advisor: Prof. Ren-Song Ko

  • Design of IoT Integration Platform

Advisor: Prof. Ming-Hung Wang

  • Graph attention network for malicious account detections
  • Multimodal hate speech detection

Advisor: Prof. Shi-Ming (Jack) Huang

  • Web crawler for Data Fusion (using Python)
  • Text Analysis and Mining for Fraud detection (using Python)
  • Image analysis and mining for the bamboo forest

Advisor: Prof. Chin-Tsan Wang

  • AI for Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)

Advisor: Prof. Bing-Mu Hsu

  • Geo-microbial ecology and functional genomics
  • Environmental microbiomes addressing contaminants and climate change
  • Exploring the environmental resistome in one-health perspectives
  • Unrevealing human microbiome's impact
  • Bioinformatics in microbiome research
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