Embedded Systems Lab
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PhD Dissertations

發表年 作者 論文名稱 檔案
2016 趙宏林 Model Predictive Optimization for Smart Grid Design
2016 呂俊賢 Landslide Prediction -- A Cyber-Physical System Design
2014 林志勝 Application Synthesis and Optimization on Heterogeneous Parallel Processing Systems
2014 林朝聖 Model-Driven Framework for Multicore Software Development
2013 沈日昇 Learning-based Reconfiguration of Network-on-Chip for Varying Processing Requirements
2013 施凱中 Application Acceleration in Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable System Infrastructure
2011 黃駿賢 Model-Based Platform-Specific Co-Design Methodology for Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable Systems
with Hardware Virtualization and Preemption
2010 林尚威 Compositional Synthesis of Concurrent Systems through Learning with Counterexample Guidance and Causality Semantics

Master Theses

發表年 作者 論文名稱 檔案
2017 王華欣 Program Trading System of Taiex Futures -- By Strategy of Virtual Trade
2017 Hendrik
Supervised Deep Learning Based for Traffic Flow Prediction
2016 林志祥 Application of RFID Technology to Emergency Traffic Signal Design
2016 林佳靜 Improving Efficiency of Domestic Power Demand by Using Orderly Power Utilization
2016 李天傑 Prediction of Electric Power Consumption in Taiwan by Back Propagation Neural Network
2016 孫景亮 Smart Green Uninterruptible Power System
2016 買昭雯 PV-based Power Charger for Motorcycle Batteries
2016 林志宸 Data Reconstruction for Cyber-Physical Landslide Detection System
2016 楊采真 Model Predictive Optimization for Energy Storage based Smart Grids
2016 徐瑋 Urban Traffic Information Prediction using Elmann Neural Network and Traffic Network Models
2015 吳宗典 Software-Defined Network Interface Design Performance and Security Oriented
2015 謝珮琪 Model Predictive Optimization for Distribution Management in Smart Grid
2015 陳佑任 Dynamic Traffic Light Optimization and Control System using Model-Predictive Control Method
2015 吳文豪 Adaptive Timing Optimization for Cyber Physical Signal Control System
2015 曾冠維 Virtualization Architecture for Application-Oriented Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip System
2015 李宣儒 Software-Defined Monitoring for High Speed Network Flow Analysis in Network-on-Chip
2014 郭惠民 Zigbee無線通訊應用於路邊停車收費管理系統之研究
2014 吳文義 數位電表應用於家庭節電節費系統之研究
2014 姚瑞隆 SAT-based Verification of Role-based Access Control Systems with Slicing method
2014 劉柏廷 Feedback Control Optimization for Performance and Energy Efficiency on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Systems
2014 宋羿謙 Interference-aware Batch Memory Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture
2014 王建宇 Elastic Superposition Mapping for Heterogeneous Tasks in Reconfigurable Multicore Architecture
2014 蔡鎮州 Hierarchical Optimization of Smart Grids with Energy Storage Systems - A Model-Predictive Control and Auction-based Method
2014 劉炎敦 Smart Photovoltaic Power Generation System Design
2013 陳彥廷 Workload Partitioning and Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-Core Systems
2013 鄧世孟 Auto-tuning on GPGPU by using Performance and Power Estimation Model
2013 彭竣陽 Spatio-Temporally-Shared Reconfigurable Fast Fourier Transform Architecture Design
2013 吳政謙 FPGA-based High Applicability Reconfigurable FFT Processor for Multi-standard Systems
2013 廖偉志 A Study on the Use of Miracast Supported Devices for Distance Learning
2013 柯勇明 UHF Bi-directional Tracking System Design by Integrating GPS and Radar Transponder
2013 余明逾 Hidden Markov Model-based Bandwidth Selection for Cognitive Network
2013 陳映妤 RFID-based Roll-Call System Study for Field Trips
2012 張俊欽 The Research of Radio Frequency Identification Technology for the Family Violence Prevention
2012 吳佳恩 A Study on the Critical Success Factors of Initiating Information Security Management System: Take a University
in Northern Taiwan as a Sample
2012 胡雅苹 Robust Solution Space Prediction and Optimization for Cognitive Radios
2012 施俊亦 Communication Bottleneck Analysis for Improving the Performance of Multicore Software
2011 許惠民 RFID-based Roll-Call System for School Campus
2011 王柏軒 Synchronization-Aware Dynamic Thread Scheduling for Improving Performance and Saving Energy in Multi-Core Embedded Systems
2011 林雨昕 Multi-Objective Exploitation of Pipeline Parallelism using Clustering, Replication, and Duplication in Embedded Multicore Systems
2011 何嘉翹 Dynamic Application Scheduling on Heterogeneous Multi-core Systems
2011 張逸倫 An Efficient and Robust Solver for Multi-Objective Constraints-Satsifaction Problem in Cognitive Radio Systems
2011 陳立奇 Power Monitoring and Demand Control System Research and Design
2010 童聖亞 Dynamic Task Scheduling with Congestion Speculation for Network-on-Chip
2010 呂世申 Congestion- and Energy-Aware Run-time Task Mapping for Network-on-Chip Architecture
2010 蘇琬婷 Buffer-Stealing Router Design for Improved Communication Efficiency in Network-on-Chip
2010 潘晟陽 Dynamically Adaptive Arbitration in Network-on-Chip for Streaming Applications
2009 林為文 Reconfigurable NoC with OS Management
2009 藍竣廷 Hardware Mediator for Reconfigurable Hardware-Software Systems
2008 曹智傑 An Efficient Collaborative Verification Methodology for Multiprocessor SoC with Run-Time Task Migration
2008 林怡洵 Quality-of-Service Optimization for Multiple Multimedia Tasks in Real-Time Systems
2008 姜國程 Predictable and Adaptive Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip
2008 邱京崙 On-line Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks and Compact Placement Method for Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable Systems
2007 孫淵玲 Dynamic Hardware-Software Task Switching and Relocation for Reconfigurable Systems
2007 洪進傑 Reconfigurable Hardware Module Sequencer for Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable Systems
2007 姜成器 Hardware/Software Real-Time Relocatable Task Scheduling and Placement in Dynamically Partial Reconfigurable Systems
2007 廖筱芸 Multi-Objective Placement of Reconfigurable Hardware Tasks in Real-Time Systems
2007 林朝聖 IP-based Resource Management in Reconfigurable Systems
2006 呂品賢 A Reconfigurable Platform for Efficient Embedded Software Development
2006 張世學 Dynamically and Partially Reconfigurable Systems
2006 葉家蓁 Efficient Coverage Estimation in Model Checking
2006 劉智文 Low Power Hardware-Software Scheduling
2006 陳盈如 Failure Analysis using Model Checking
2006 許書裕 Embedded Software Design
2005 邱冠綸 An Efficient Coverage Estimation Methodology for Model Checking
2005 陳元修 Hardware Scheduling and Placement in Operating Systems for Reconfigurable SoC
2005 廖志峰 A SystemC Based Performance Evaluation Framework for Dynamically Reconfigurable SoC
2005 曾志豪 UML-Based Rapid Prototyping Design Flow for Dynamically Reconfigurable Computing Systems
2005 王宏仁 Hardware-Software Codesign for Programmable SoC
2004 廖文旭 Infrastructure of a Formal Verification Platform for SoC
2004 趙偉成 Transaction-Level Modeling for Modeling Checking
2004 吳展奇 An Assertion-based Dynamic Formal Verification Methodology for Hardware Systems
2004 李德昌 Mutation Coverage Estimation for Symbolic Model Checking
2004 高新傑 Device-Centric Energy-Optimal Scheduling for Low-Power Real-Time Systems
2004 蔡委育 Formal Verification of Safety-Critical Systems with Safecharts
2004 張育銘 CORBA-based Distributed Formal Verification
2003 孫明煌 Formal Specification Generation by Applying Error Trace Analysis for Semi-Formal Verification
2003 沈子詠 Assume-Guarantee Formal Verification of Component-Based Hierarchical Software
2003 林承毅 Quasi-Dynamic Scheduling for the Formal Synthesis of Real-Time Embedded Software
2003 陳立明 Interface Synthesis of Real-Time Embedded Systems
2002 鄭舒予 Automating Assume-Guarantee Reasoning for Model Checking Real-Time Embedded Systems
2002 蘇峰仕 Formal Synthesis and Code Generation of Embedded Software Using Extended Quasi-Static Scheduling
2002 高淳浩 Time-Memory Scheduling and Code Generation for Real-Time Embedded Software